Travel expert-Nengyi Shi . Follow me to Keelung!!

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Located along Taiwan’s northeast coast, and a mere 40 minutes’ train ride away from Taipei, Keelung is the main port for cruise ship passengers arriving in northeast Taiwan. Surrounded by mountains, Keelung is also well known for being of close proximity to many famous sightseeing places such as Jiufen old town and Shifen train station in Taiwan. For travelers looking to explore outside of Taipei, Keelung makes for a perfect destination as it is easily accessible via rail, bus or taxi from Taipei. There are plenty of buses within Taipei that goes to Keelung, and if you are in a rush for time, a taxi from Taipei should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Probably the most enticing point about Keelung is that it can be used as a base for travelers planning to explore the Jiufen/Shifen/Pingxi district. Ask any traveler in Taiwan and more often than not Jiufen old town or Shifen train station is one of the must-go places in their itinerary. Rather than travelling from Taipei, where you’ll have to jostle for space aboard the cramped train, why not take the shorter route and travel from Keelung instead? The route from Keelung to those places mentioned above are a lot shorter and probably more comfortable as there would probably be plenty less travelers too. This tip was shared with me by a local friend and having experienced both travelling to Shifen train station from Taipei and Keelung, I’ll take the Keelung route anytime again.

In this post I’ll recommend six notable places to check out, 3 in Keelung and 3 outside of Keelung. Hopefully you’ll understand why I said it is a good idea to base yourself in Keelung for a few days to check out these spots instead of travelling from Taipei!

TEL : +886 2 2420-1166

No.215, Ren 2nd Rd., Ren’ai Dist.,
Keelung City 200,Taiwan (R.O.C.)